Friday, 3 February 2012

Amazing Formations Found In Space

There's hardly a book that you can lift into your hands,open it and flip through pages without needing to even Skim Read through any sentence and you are just Enchanted by the Content of The Book.It's Rarely known unless you're in the Adult section.....however I Stumbled upon the book which describes in Pictures the Beauty of the Universe and it truly took my breath away. 
I was standing there, my eyes buried into the book,gazing at these Majestic images of a Universe that we haven't been exposed to as normal Civilians. I was impressed and would have purchased the book if i hadn't engaged myself and my mates in a huge meal at McDonald's. You probably thinking how can that cost alot? well lets just leave it as i had some really hungry Friends.......

This was a few years ago and i thought that I would get a hold of a few pictures that are from this book and Post it for you to be Mesmerized.The Classy feel about this is that the book explains details to each of the Formations that have been captured,one that really caught my attention is the Butterfly Nebular,a truly spectacular sight but unfortunately at hand i do not possess the name of the book as it is top secret, 007 level secret but maybe I can try and pull a few strings with my FBI buddies to get a hold of the Book and it's name.
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