Tuesday, 31 January 2012

DIY Lampwork bracelet

Have you ever wanted to try making your own bracelet but can't find good enough instructions? Well, now you have no worries! You can make this awesome bracelet by yourself! I've seen this tutorial on how-to-make-beaded-jewelry It's a really pretty bracelet which should be made! Try it, you might just end up with a master piece at the ending! 

Possibilities are Endless!


  • 19 strand Beadalon wire
  • lampwork beads, or any other beads
  • toggle clasp
  • 2 jumps rings (5-6mm)
  • 2 calottes
  • blue swarovski crystal beads (optional)
  • bali spacer beads (optional)
  • crimp beads
  • crimping pliers
  • toggle clasp
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters 
Cut off a piece of Beadalon wire, 1” longer than the length of your bracelet. String your crimp bead onto the end of the wire. Use your crimping pliers to compress your crimp bead into a ball described on the page how to use crimp beads and crimping pliers. String your calotte onto the wire until the crimp bead is in the middle of the calotte. Cut off the wire next to the crimp so that no parts will stick out.

Gently close the calotte with your chain or flat nose pliers until it is completely shut.

Open the loop of your calotte with your chain nose pliers and insert the jump ring. Close the loop.

Open the loop of the calotte by using your pliers to attach a jump ring. Open the jump ring described on the page how to open jump rings, and insert the bar of your toggle clasp. Close your jump ring the same way as you opened it.

Bring on the beads! If you're making the lampwork bracelet, then string your beads in the following order: Swarovski bead, lampwork bead, swarovski, bali bead, swarovski, lampwork etc. If you have your own beads, you can arrange them in the desired order.

Use the bracelet size guide to get the right length for your bracelet. Just keep in mind that the rest of the toggle clasp will include a calotte and jump ring at the end of your bracelet. Once you’ve got the right length, insert the calotte as shown in the graphic as well as a crimp bead.

Try to open the calotte slowly, and not too wide. I’ve broken dozens of these fragile little clamshells, and then I had to start all over again. Do not use crimping pliers for this specific crimp bead, they are too wide and will surely break the calotte. Use chain or bent nose pliers instead. Hold the wire with one hand, and with the other hand compress the crimp bead with your chain nose pliers.

Cut the tail of the wire with your wire or side cutters. Use your chain or flat nose pliers and gently close the shells of the calotte.

Open the loop of the calotte and insert the other jump ring. Close the loop. Open the jump ring to insert the ring of your toggle clasp. Close the jump ring to finish your lampwork bracelet.

 And that's it! 8 Simple steps to a Smashing Creation!



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